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Resonant Realms, Masterfully Staged: Your Exhibition, Our Design

Resonant Realms, Masterfully Staged: Your Exhibition, Our Design

Tailored Solutions for Every Project. We’re a Collective of Professional Freelancers, Collaborating Based on Project Needs, to Deliver Optimal Outcomes. Each Project Team is Uniquely Crafted. We Work in Partnership with Our Clients, Striving for Excellence. We’re Ready to Collaborate, With You Too.

Immerse. Experience. Impress. Captivating Exhibition and Sound Design for Unforgettable Experiences!

At Goldmannart we want to work at eye level, whether with our freelancers or our clients. 
Together we create teams to meet the respective requirements of the unique projects.
For each project, we put together individual teams from our network of freelancers.
Of course, we at Goldmannart make sure that projects run smoothly and that everyone works hand in hand in the same direction.

Current Projects

GMA is currently working on designing the new Outletcity Museum for the Outletcity Metzingen.

– Opening June 2024 –

These are our competencies:

Thanks to our broad positioning through cooperation in the collective, we can offer a wide range of competences. We are always open to new and interesting, small and large projects.

Christin Erdmann-Goldoni

We are the founder of Goldmannart

Exhibition designer and sound designer with heart – that’s who we are. Two freelance players in the realm of exhibitions and installations. We joined forces professionally in 2018 and have been collaboratively crafting experiences for our clients ever since. Yet, we constitute just a modest segment of GMA, an entity that continually shifts and adapts to match the demands of each project.

Our Collaborators

Franziska Götz – Content & Concept, Evelyn Heim – Media & Graphicdesign, Michael Arnieri – Camera & Film-production, Sabrina Zerweck – Graphikdesign

Giacomo Goldoni
Giacomo Goldoni

Our Clients


Exhibition Projects: We were part of...

As exhibition designers, sound designers, project managers, or conceptualizers, we have already enriched and co-created numerous exhibitions, being a part of an inspiring team.

Escape Room Katze Q 2024 by Tamschick media + Space GmbH & Goldmannart


A Quantum Adventure

Sweet, half-dead cat missing! The trail leads to the “Katze Q” escape room of the ct.qmat Cluster of Excellence at the Universities of Würzburg and Dresden. The mysterious box with four puzzling rooms turns a famous thought experiment of quantum physics into a very real experience! Children, teenagers, and adults are invited to explore the crazy quantum world with all their senses and find out whether Katze Q is dead or alive. 
Whether with a school class, as a birthday highlight, or together with family and friends – the escape room can be explored in many ways. Teachers have the opportunity to ignite enthusiasm for physics and redefine teaching in the “Quantum Apartment.” The role model is the multiple award-winning app “Katze Q – A Quantum Adventure.”
The digital game is brought into the real world, reaching a new level.
And the best part: You don’t have to be a genius in physics or math for this.

We were able to take on the entire sound concept and sound design for the Quantum Apartment in addition to the design direction. One of these stations, the Observer, illustrates the cat’s state as both dead and alive. Naturally, we also provided the appropriate sound for this, much to the delight of the visitors.

Forum Wissen Göttingen 2022 by Atelier Brückner GmbH


The historic building of the former Natural History Museum is now the University of Göttingen’s „Forum Wissen“. The exhibition extends over two floors and 17 exhibition rooms and deals with the topic of „creating knowledge“ – and science itself. Visitors are immersed in processes and practices of scientific work via walk-through spatial images. Using an app, they access the collection, collect objects and explore them methodically so that they become researchers themselves. In addition to teaching scientific methods, the Forum Wissen thus simultaneously contributes to the creation of knowledge.

DAS ZUKUNFTSMUSEUM 2021 by Atelier Brückner GmbH

Client: 17K GmBh & Atelier Brückner GmBh – Sounddesign Conception & Production – The Deutsches Museum Nuremberg is showing current research projects that may already influence our lives tomorrow. They affect the direct living environment of the individual: Work and everyday life and body and mind. In addition, it is about System City and System Earth. An exhibition area is also dedicated to mankind’s dream of traveling through space and time. Here, the conquest of space is thematized and an understanding of the universe is conveyed. Hands-on labs and a virtual arena complement the permanent exhibition.

MARINE RESEARCH AND DEEP SEA 2020 by Atelier Brückner GmbH


The Senckenberg Naturmuseum conveys the themes ’Marine Research and Deep Sea’ as immersive experiences. During a dive the museum visitors explore unbelievable depths of up to 8000 metres under the surface. The exhibits, research equipment, ship models and submarines are integrated into a dynamic light installation, which is coupled with a large projection. It illustrates the functions of the devices, which are indispensable for marine research. The visitors themselves become active in a walk-in submarine: With a joystick, they set off on an expedition. The diversity of the deep sea inhabitants and their habitats is staged in the room ’Deep Sea’. The exhibits, partly designed as Hands-On, are backlit. The room contours are vanishing, creating the impression of infinite vastness in dark depths.



Focus on the collection: The Swiss National Museum stages its holdings. More than 30 historical and historicist rooms receive a new look. The scenography stages the rooms as exhibits and thinks the exhibited objects with the room. Over 7000 exhibits provide an overview of Swiss art and crafts from the past millennium. Pointed and rhythmic: The diversity becomes an experience.

What our clients say:

We had the chance to collaborate with Goldmannart for an official project of the University of Stuttgart. We are extremely satisfied with how the collaboration went and also the final result looks great! The project was delivered in time despite the changes and variations we asked for, which were always promptly done. We will surely recontact them for a next project!
Raffaele Soloperto
University of Stuttgart
Ich habe bei Goldmannart mein komplettes Corporate Design für mich und meine Firma in Auftrag gegeben und bin absolut begeistert. Es wurde perfekt, bis ins kleinste Detail, umgesetzt und das sehr kreativ und professionell. Ich liebe mein neues Design und kann daher Goldmannart absolut weiter empfehlen!
Lisa Müller-Krause
Time for Wedding

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